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  • Bruder RAM Trucks 2500 Power Wagon Pickup - IN STOCK NOW!

    The Awesome Bruder RAM Trucks 2500 Power Wagon Pickup is now in stock!!  We are one of the first to get this amazing new model and with Christmas round the corner it will sell out fast.

    NOW in stock and the ideal Christmas Gift1!
  • New Britains NC Model in Stock now!

    Britains NC Rear Discharge Muck Spreader


    The new Britains model has a sliding door that can be opened and closed, and rotors spun manually - a perfect implement to add to your Britains collection.


    NEW Britains NC Rear Discharge Muck Spreader Available Now.

  • New Britains JCB Model in Stock

    43178 Britains 1:32 JCB Hydradig

    JCB Hydradig The NEW Britains 1:32 scale JCB Hydradig is now in stock.  Item number is 43178.
    JCB Hydradig NOW available

    The JCB Hydradig is the first true wheeled excavator designed for purpose, from the ground up.

    The machine is the first for visibility - see all four wheels; stability - 1000kg at maximum reach; manoeuvrability - under 4m turning radious; mobility - stable 40kph roading; and serviceability - rapid ground level servicing.

  • New Bruder RAM Pickup in 2017


    Launching in August 2017 is the new Bruder RAM pickup.  Whilst you don't see many of these on UK farms I think it would be a shame not to hold a stock of these as they look amazing, especially with the black wheels!!  Luckily as it's a toy we won't have to worry of putting fuel in this beast because it looks like it could be thirsty!!   Looking forward to seeing these and I will update you when we are expecting to get our hands on them.

  • About us...

    We're a small family business passionate about all things farming!!

    When I was a young boy back in the 70's I was amazed by the beautiful Britains scale farm toys and every last penny of my pocket money was used to build my model farm.  I still have some of the toys that survived up in the loft and they still look fab!

    Fast forward 30 years and I now have a 5 year old boy who is just as mad on model farm toys as I was, luckily Britains are still producing amazing 1:32 scale toys, which to be honest he's a little young for yet, but step forward Bruder and Britains Big Farm toys that are 1:16 scale (bigger) and save the day!!

     Britains Big Farm Toys

    So, being surrounded by these lovely toys made me think about my current 7-7 job that was killing me and would it be possible to use my marketing and sales skills to run my own busines??  YES!  And here we are 'The specialist retailer of model farm toys'.  We're setting off with Bruder, Britains and Britains Big Farm.  We want to always make sure we're in stock and that you find what you're looking for so we've got stock now and ready for launch in early January 2016!!

     Our Bruder stock!!  Lovely!

  • Spring is coming??

    So, its been a very un winter like Winter so far and apparently Spring is on the way.  Here at the Farm Toy Store we have been busy getting orders in for the new stock and re-stocking all the essential models that your little garden farmer will need when the spring field work starts.

    We're going to keep our blog updated much more from now on and will hopefully have lots of interesting and fun things to report to you on over the coming weeks.

    First job will be to update you on the new Bruder and Britains models that we will soon have in stock or back in stock.

    Keep a look out for our updates and look forward to keeping you all updated on the goings on at www.farmtoystore.co.uk.



  • Is your little garden farmer ready for silage time???

    Here at The Farm Toy Store we've been busy making silage with our Bruder and Big Farm toys.   The first cut has even quite a good one and we have been making the most of the lovely sunny weather.

    Silage making toys in stock now!!
    Silage Time in the garden!!
    coming soon.....Hay Making Pics!!! 😊
  • Website Launch.....

    Finally, things are getting close to perfection.  We are reluctant to launch the website until we feel that the whole thing works seamlessly and provides an experience that meets our high standards.

    Countdown to launch - we are aiming for 1st March 2016 so watch this space.........

    We will update regularly from now on to keep you up to speed with our progress.

    Thanks for your patience!! :)

  • Welcome!!

    This is the blog part of the Farm Toy Store website.  We aim to put exciting news and developments in the world of farm toys and models, things like new releases or special offers.

    We will do video product reviews and post our new adverts or flyers first here.

    Above all we want to create some interesting stuff for you to read and hopefully enjoy.  We welcome your input and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

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