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Founded in 1920 and now part of the TOMY toy group Britains farm toys and scale models are one of the classic farm toy manufacturers.

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The W. Britain brand name of toy and collectable soldiers is derived from a company founded by William Britain Jr., a British toy manufacturer, who in 1893 invented the process of hollow casting in lead, and revolutionized the production of toy soldiers.

In the 1930s, Britains survived economic depression by developing every money generating product it could think of.  New types of model proliferated: zoo; garden; circus; motor vehicles and so forth and many different grades of quality were produced. The 1940 range, marketed just before the company had to again go over to war production, was the largest ever.

The return to normality after the Second World War was slow and it was not until 1953 that a reasonable range was offered. Box labels were standardised to a single "All Nations" design. Almost immediately, plastic began to pose a serious threat. By the mid 1960s it had almost entirely taken over and in 1966, the era of the hollow cast toy soldier finally came to an end - although not before some 1000 million had been manufactured.

Some diecast vehicles entered Britains production in the few years just following World War II, like the accurately painted no. 128f Fordson Major tractor in the "Model Farm" series.

In 2000, Britains was purchased by the ERTL Company (RC2) which was subsequently bought out by Tomy in 2011.  The Britains brand was retained for use in the UK but ERTL was retained for the USA with both offering very similar products but with regional variations to suit the market they are sold in.

The current owner TOMY has been very proactive over the years and regulalry releases new models, this keeps the number of items released low and very collectible.  They have a strong brand image and work closely with the likes of John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and Kane to name a few.

Here at The Farm Toy Store we stock the full range of Britains 1:32 scale scale die cast models and the Britains Big Farm 1:16 scale farming toys.