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Help With Scale

The definition of scale is "the ​relation between the ​real ​size of something and ​its​ size on a ​map, ​model, or ​diagram".  In the case of farm toys we are talking about the relation between the real size of an actual farm vehicle, tractor, implement etc to a toy or model farm vehicle, tractor, implement etc.

The main scales we have here on our website are 1:16 and 1:32.  The lower the second number the bigger the size the model will be.

If you take a look at the 2 models below.  They are both of a JCB telehandler, the one of the left is the 1:16 scale and the one on the right is the 1:32 scale.

Comparing Scales

Typically the 1:16 scale toys are made from a robust high quality plastic and means that they are great for playing outdoors with, as they are a bit chunkier and bigger they do tend to stand up better to the type of play of a younger child.  The 1:32 scale toys/models are usually made from die cast alloy which is a very strong material but the detail on these models may mean that a younger child may damage or break them easier.

Toys are meant to be played with and it all depends on what type of child will be paying with the toys.  One who is a collector and plays very carefully will his/her toys will love the 1:32 scale because of the detail and smaller size (You can get more of the 1:32 scale in your toy box!).  A child that loves to dig in the garden with their toys and really makes them work hard may get more pleasure from the larger 1:16 scale.

The photo above shows both sizes with a 12" (30cm) ruler iin between them to give you an idea of the physical size - where possible we will include dimensions on the product pages.

If you have a specific question about scale please do not hesiate to use our Contact Us page where we will try and respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible and certainly within 24 hours.