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This is the section of the website where we will put frequently asked questions and also links to other areas of the website that will hopefully answer your query.

If all else fails we have the Contact Us page where you can submit you question to us and will will aim to answer as soon as possible and within 24 Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Do the age recomendations mean the toys are not safe?
  • A:  No not at all - all the products sold on the website are manufactured to CE standard.  
    • Look out for CE Marks: All imported toys (and all toys made in the UK) have to carry a visible CE Mark, which can be on the toy or in some cases the packaging if the toy is very small. Either way, all toys for children are protected by this legislation so make sure that you don’t buy anything that doesn’t have the proper safety mark. Although the CE Mark is primarily there to show the authorities that a toy has been manufactured according to strict safety standards, not the parents, if a toy doesn’t have any CE Mark anywhere, don’t even think about buying it for your child.
    • All the products sold on the www.farmtoystore.co.uk website have the CE mark.
    • The main age to look out for are the under 3 years (36 months) as these can have small parts that a child under 3 could choke on.  Age Suitability - a toy which could potentially be dangerous to young children, for example if it has small parts which could cause a choking hazard, has to display an age restriction warning indicating that the toy should not be given to a child less than three-years-old. This shows that the toy has passed the choking hazard test. Cheap imported toys may not have been tested for choking hazards, and could put small children and babies at an unacceptable level of risk from their toys.  We dont stock any cheap imported toys only quality toys from reputable manufacturers.
  • Q:  Are the 1:16 scale Bruder toys compatible with the 1:16 scale Britains Big Farm toys?
  • A:  Yes - mostly.  Trailers will attach on to tractors, but there may be accessories such as front loaders or front mounted implements that are not compatible.  If you have a concern please just drop us a line via the Contact Us page and if we dont know we will go into the warehouse and have a look for you.
  • Q:  If a particular product I want isn't in stock can you get it for me?
  • A:  Yes, by all means.  It may take a couple of days to get it for you but we will try our best.  If there are any products we should have on our website that we currently don't we would love to hear from you.  We want to keep you the customer happy by providing the best service possible and part of that is obvioulsy having the right stock.  Just drop us a note via the Contact Us page and we will do our best to help.